Testimonials from Current and Past Clients

This process was tailor made for me. Most of my days are spent inside… my apartment, then taxi, then office, and back to my apartment… an inside cycle. But once a week I get one great hour outside, completely focused on me and my growth. It’s brilliant.

– Michael

At first I was a little reluctant. I mean, it’s not how I imagined therapy would be. But after the first session, I couldn’t imagine it to be any other way. I look forward to it every week. I used to dread going to therapy and found all sorts of reasons to avoid it. But now I make sure nothing gets in the way of my session.

– Jennifer

Actually it’s not the walking that keeps me coming back. Yes, it is novel and different and I like it. But I wouldn’t continue with a therapist if I didn’t see them to be effective and engaging; which I find Clay to be. He is kind and caring… I feel like he is looking forward to the session as much as I. He is imaginative and thought provoking… I always walk away from a session with a lot to ‘chew’ on for the coming week. In the end, I have been profoundly changed by my therapy sessions with Clay. Outside or not… I stand by the results.

– Morris

This process is perfect for me. I needed someone who took a different approach and this definitely fit the bill. I’ve made more progress toward my goals in the past few weeks than I have with my previous therapist in the past two years. I feel like I’m taking back control of my life and finally making good choices. I feel better than I have in years. Was it easy? Hell, no. But I wouldn’t trade my growth for anything.

– Marcus

I think of Clay as a psychiatric surgeon. His work is targeted and specific. I came to him with a specific issue…and that was the issue we worked on and ultimately resolved. We didn’t waste time on my childhood or my mother or anything else. We attacked the issue from multiple directions and Clay gave me specific tools to correct what was going on. I used the tools, I got better, and I moved on.

– Sam

Dear Clay, When I look back at the improvements I have made, I am amazed. I feel like a different person. No, that’s not exactly right, is it? I feel like the person I always knew I could be. Like you say, we are ultimately responsible for who we are and it is our choices that determine our future. I can’t thank you enough for walking (literally) with me through this journey. I feel lighter. Happier. More complete and in control. Thank you.

– Miriam

I was in therapy when I was in grad school. I hated it. The small office, the bad art, the fake plants – the therapist sitting there and saying: "uh hm, tell me more". What was the point? So when I needed to address some things in my life, I was determined not to repeat my mistakes and went looking for the best and most unusual therapy practice in New York. I found it. So THIS is what people talk about when they say how much they love therapy and won't miss it for anything. Thank you!

– Jim

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