Helpful Resources
NYC’s expert EMDR Clinician
NYC therapist that specializes in couples, trauma, and spirituality
A great resource for depression and anxiety
Leadership training from — Learn 48 essential leadership skills
A site dedicated to anger management problems
New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Health
Information and resources for those seeking psychiatric treatment
The office of Mental Health for New York State – has wealth of knowledge and resources available for those seeking therapy
National Mental Health Information Center
Additional resources and information.
The National Institute for Mental Health
Hearts and Minds
A resource list of therapists, counselors and psychologists in New York City that provide counseling at a reduced cost.
Washington Square Institute
Offering reduced cost therapy.
American Psychological Association, Help Center
A comprehensive guide to self improvement and personal growth articles and resources.
Psyber Square
A great resource for information on anxiety, depression, and family issues.
Addiction Treatment Resources
Addiction Treatment Resources
A great resource for information on addiction. - Everything for the New Mom
A great resource for families.
Seishindo Somatic Life Coaching
Join 8,500 readers of the Seishindo newsletter for individuals and professionals to find out how to engage your body and somatic intelligence and successfully challenge the life issues that are of greatest concern to you. Learn from the concepts of Aikido, NLP, and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
Freedom From Fear
Information on counseling for Anxiety
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Real Men Do Therapy
Information on sleep disorders and their treatment.
Help Guide
Understand, Prevent and Resolve Life’s Challenges
Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suggest reading list

A Prayer for Owen Meany – John Irving
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Answer – John Assaraf, Murray Smith
One – Richard Bach
Sham Pearls For Real Swine – Franky Schaeffer
Addicted to Mediocrity – Franky Schaeffer
J.B. – Archibald MacLeish
I’ll Quit Tomorrow – Vernon E. Johnson

Fun Stuff
Post Secret.
Creative and anonymous.
Waiter Rant
Beautifully written insights into the NYC restaurant world.
Audience Extras
Go see a show for almost nothing. Now THAT’S some good therapy!
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