Manhattan Grief counseling

Webster defines grief as: “deep and poignant distress — suffering.”

There is no greater pain than the experience of the death of someone we love. It can feel like your soul has been ripped apart. A black hole is where the person used to be. Common feelings can be depression, anger, despair and confusion. It's difficult to begin living again and sometimes we wonder if we even want to continue living without this person.

After the death of a loved one, life can seem futile and pointless. Daily struggles seem frivolous. We lose our balance...especially if the person who has died was our rock.

There are ways to work through this and counseling can help with the grieving process. I work with my clients to respect the pain that is caused and experience it in a safe way that is not overwhelming. Then we work to honor the memory of their loved one by learning to embrace life again.

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