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Clay Cockrell, LCSW

My name is Clay Cockrell and I am the founder of Walk and Talk Therapy. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and have over 20 years experience as a practicing therapist.

I believe that a person is a culmination of their past experiences and I’d like to share a few of mine. I have had the privilege to work in several different settings that I believe provides me with a unique ability to relate to my clients.

My years on Wall Street have provided me a great insight into the unique pressures of the corporate world. I’ve watched and participated in the triumphs and tragedies, the wins and losses of this unbelievably competitive world.

And as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I am also aware of the daily war that is fought to keep afloat. I know the fears and anxieties of risking everything on an idea and a dream, and the passion that fuels the “long hours of doing everything”. And I know the pain of failure is better than living with the knowledge that you never tried.

Several of my clients and family are in the entertainment industry (film, music, theater), and I too have personal experience with the frustrations, joys, and injustices of this industry.

And living and working in New York City has made me acutely aware of the stresses of city lifeā€¦the odd sensation of feeling alone while being surrounded by millions of people. But I was born and raised on farm land in Kentucky and am quite familiar with the difficulties of rural small town life.

And family? Well, we all have some nuts in our trees.

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