Addiction Recovery Therapy - New York

Addiction Recovery: Nobody ever starts out with the goal of becoming an addict. When you started your use, it just made sense at the time. Drinking, gambling, sex, internet, etc…it all starts innocently enough. A way to socialize. A tool to help one escape or deal with pressure. But sometimes the tool stops working and begins to take over. The choices you have made may not be working anymore and there are ways to make new choices and live more fully.

If you feel like you have lost control of your use or are losing your freedom to it, there are ways to break free.

The key to my counseling practice is: No judgement. There is nothing wrong with you. Addicts are not bad people, in fact they are sometimes the most amazing and resilient people I’ve come across.

Is it hard? You bet.
Do you have to do it alone? Absolutely not.

Together we explore different types of treatment until we find one that works for you.

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