Outdoor Counseling Sessions

Taking Therapy Off the Couch.

Have you lost the balance of life?
Are you the person you hoped you would be?
Is your life not what you imagined?
Are you struggling in your relationships or career?

My clients come to me struggling with depression, anxiety, the stress of city living, confusion, and of course – family issues. Their pain is palpable. In response, I believe that I have developed the most dynamic and effective counseling sessions in New York City. My therapy sessions are conducted outdoors while walking, and somehow the simple act of walking while talking out life’s issues – creates an environment of possibility and change. Most therapy sessions are either in Central Park or Battery Park, but other locations are possible.

I’ve seen this process work amazing results with my clients. Yes, it is unique. As are the amazing clients with whom I have had the privilege to work. My clients are the heroes of their own lives, and I am very proud of the work we do together.

As a practicing therapist for over 15 years I have come to learn environment and convenience can be as therapeutic as our sessions together. This innovative, unique, and highly successful method allows us to achieve your goals faster. Who gets ahead by laying on a couch?

Also available: Online Therapy Sessions

Call or email now to set up your free initial phone consultation. This is the only life you're going to get. Why not let me help you to make it better?

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